We have been one of the leaders in implementing the AUCTION services for the second hand market and used mobile phones at the beginning of the millennium. We extended this service during the last years to other products. We currently put in place AUCTIONS for...



Our main aim is to maximise the value of our client’s revenue returns, whilst minimising the environmental impact. In order to achieve both these goals simultaneously, we aim to re-market our electronics items wherever possible – generating new life into excess, redundant and liquidated stock....



If treated properly, electronic waste –e.waste (used cell phones, PCB boards, Lap-Tops, LCD’s screen, Plastics parts, batteries, chargers and unused electronics in general) is a valuable source for secondary raw materials. We work and share partnerships with certified recyclers and refineries that will assure and...


Akebono’s statement is to innovate and generate successful solutions for the collection, reuse and recycling of used mobile phones, excess stocks and end-of-life personal electronics generating a higher financial return for our partners, quality products for our customers and protection of the environment.

In a world of fast changing technology we dispose of our electronics rapidly. That creates a second opportunity for other markets, looking to reuse them instead of disposing
The Akebono philosophy is to find the second life market for those electronics, reducing the environmental impact. We handle with a wide range of:

• Used cell phones
• MP3’s
• Lap Tops
• Digital cameras
• Video consoles
We work close together with a vast range of related companies to accomplish the second life for most of the electronics products. Such as:

• Electronic scrap recyclers
• Mobile phone collectors
• Charities
• Logistics services companies
• Repair service centers
Our customers are specialized traders, recyclers and service repairs centers who managed to allocate in the most appropriate market for the used electronics achieving the less environmental impact by repairing, refurbishing or reusing them.